The IEC standard for AC Motors

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The table below gives an overview of standards in relation to design, production and use of electric motors. If you are involved with working with motors, this table is very important and could be used as a reference as to what area of AC motors the various units of the standard covers:

IEC Standard Harmonized European Standard Description of Standards
IEC 60034-1+ A1 and A2 EN 60034-1+ A1, A2 and AII Rotating electric motors. Part 1: Rating and design
IEC 60034-2+A1, A2
and IEC 60034-2A
EN 60034-2+A1 and A2 Rotating electric motors. Part 2: Measuring methods to determine the loss and the efficiency of electric motors (except machines for traction vehicles)
IEC 60034-5 EN 60034-5 Rotating electric motors. Part 5: Enclosure class for rotating electric motors.
IEC 60034-6 EN 60034-6 Rotating electric motors. Part 6: Cooling (IC code).
IEC 60034-7 + A1 EN 60034-7 + A1 Rotating electric motors. Part 7: Classification of types of construction and mounting (IM code)
IEC 60034-8 EN 60034-8 Rotating electric motors. Part 8: Terminal marking and direction of rotation
IEC 60034-9 EN 60034-9 Rotating electric motors. Part 9: Noise limits
IEC 60034-11 Thermal protection
IEC 60034-12 EN 60034-12 Rotating electric motors. Part 12: Start capacity of 3-phase induction motors.
IEC 60034-14 EN 60034-14 Rotating electric motors. Part 14: Mechanic vibration for machines with driveshaft heights of 56 mm or more. Measuring, estimate and vibration limits
IEC 60038 IEC standard voltages.
IEC 60072-1 EN 50347 Dimensions and output power for rotating electric motors Part 1: Frame size 56 to 400 and flange size 55 to 1080.
IEC 62114 Electrical insulation systems - Thermal classification

EN 50102 Degrees of protection for enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanic strokes (IK-code).
IEC 60072-1 EN 50347 Three-phase induction motors for standard use with standard dimensions and output power. Frame size 56 to 315 and flange size 65 to 740.
Other Standards
DIN 51825 Lubricant; lubricating grease K; classification and requirements (1990-08).
DIN 44082 Thermistors; PTC sensors; thermal protection of machines;climate categorization HFF (1985-06).
ISO 2409 EN ISO 2409 Paints and enamels. Grid cut value (adhesion).

EN ISO 3743-2 Definition of sound power level. Minor removable sources of noise. Engineering method. Part 2: Rooms with sound control.

EN ISO 4871 Declaration and verification of noise from machines and equipment.

EN ISO 11203 Noise from machines and equipment. Measurement of sound pressure by the operator’s ear (noise emission). Calculation on the basis of sound power level.

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