Transformer Name plate – What information is required

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Transformers are usually provided with a rating plate of weatherproof material situated in a visible position. All entries on the plate are usually indelibly marked. According to the IEC 60076-1 standard for transformers, the following are the minimum information required for a transformer name plate. If you are involved in specifying transformers, purchasing transformers or work with transformers, here is a checklist for typical transformer name plate information:

Oil Filled Transformers Name Plate Information:
Kind of transformer
Number of the applied standard
Manufacturer’s name
Manufacturer’s serial number
Year of manufacture
Number of phases
Rated power (kVA or MVA)
Rated frequency (Hz)
Basic insulation levels
Rated voltage and tapping range (V or kV)
Rated currents (A or kA)
Connection symbol
 Short-circuit impedance (%)
Type of cooling
Total mass
Mass of insulating oil

Additional Information Required for Dry-Type Transformers
Temperature class
Climatic class
Environmental class
Fire behavior class
Degree of protection (IP class)

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